Dear Bags of EthicsTM / Supreme Creations family, friends, customers and supporters,

In uncertain and unnerving times we want to remain a source of support for the Bags of Ethics family.

We are currently a fully-operating business, and have taken precautions to keep the welfare, health and safety of our employees and our customers as safe as possible. All of our products are going through extensive checks, and our team in Pondicherry, India are wearing protective clothing as a preventative method. Pondicherry is not currently affected by the Covid-19 virus and our supply chain is operating smoothly.

Our focus, as always, is on the people and the planet. Our London office is able to work remotely, as we adopt a self-distancing approach in order to protect the most vulnerable and those less fortunate than ourselves.

We will still bring you your products, content, and inspiration, and are in solidarity with the rest of the world, as we face this challenge together.

Finally, lets do all we can to look out for each other. Solidarity is what will hold us together, and we are here with you every step of the way. Keep well.

Bags of EthicsTM / Supreme Creations.