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reusable shopping bags

Our range of Tote bags are made from 100% natural, un-bleached , lightweight cotton – the perfect canvas for your unique designs. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, with the options for printing, dyeing to pantone, different handles - your printed tote bag will be the perfect accessory for promoting your business or company. Our tote bags are available in wholesale quantities, and are completely customisable to you and your promotional needs. Whether you are looking for a GWP, a giveaway, a promotional bag for a conference, or a tote for your university, our vast range of styles and options, and opportunity to produce a unique printed tote bag will mean that your business really stands out on one of our totes.

Design-led Service

Our service is bespoke to you and your company. We work with you to produce a bag which is a reflection of your brand and its message, and place your unique designs at the forefront of what we do. As we manufacture the bags ourselves, the possibilities of what we can do are endless, and our motto here a Supreme Creations is don’t be boring – we want to celebrate the amazing, unique and interesting designs that our clients produce, and make sure that our bags are never boring. Our tote bags are convenient, versatile, and the perfect alternative to single-use plastic. We can manufacture any shape, size or colour that you desire, and can even match to specific pantone colours. Our tote bags are available in a variety of different fabric weights, with options for different labels, handles and linings, and a variety of different printing techniques -. We can print your artwork as a full-bleed (edge-to-edge) and placement print in up to seven colours. Our tote bags are available in wholesale quantities, and have a whole plethora of different uses. They can hold up to 15kg, and can be reused over 5,000 times, making them a perfect eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Multiple Different Uses

Our printed tote bags are perfect for a variety of uses, including marketing campaigns and promotional material. They are the perfect canvas for your unique logo and designs, and will mean that you have a continuous advertising campaign for your business which will reach thousands of people and one that will continue to work long after the bags have left your hands. Our reusable tote bags are practical and versatile, and have hundreds of different uses – they can be used as gm bags, school bags, retail bags, gift bags, travel bags; the list is endless. Our bags have the ability to be used over 5,000 times meaning that they are an extremely successful visual, and far-reaching marketing tool for your brand. Did you know that in large cities our bags are seen on average 10,000 times? There has never been a better time to manufacture your promotional projects with us on one of our wholesale tote bags.

Any Shape, Any Size, Any Color

Any Shape, Any Size, Any Color
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Step 1 - Tell Us About Your Project

Are you needing items to give away?
For packaging? For reselling?
Do you have a design in mind or need some help? You could send us your company's logo so we can get a feel for your brand. Let us know, we're here for you.

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Step 2 - Let's Talk

You are in safe hands with our team.
We have over 20 years’ experience in creating reusable, desirable and well-designed products. We care about your brand – your story, your colour schemes, your designs, your customers and budget.

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supreme creations - Google Reviews4.7/5 stars – see more of our Google Reviews

Supreme Creations works with over 50,000 customers in the UK and across the world on their eco-friendly promotional campaigns. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, from farm shops, schools, universities and councils to marketing agencies, consumer brands and some well-known high-street retailers and fashion brands, such as Tesco, The Co Operative, Topshop, Debenhams, London Fashion Week, Boots, Sainsbury's and more.

Secretos del Agua

supreme creations - Google customer Reviews

Fantastic work from Supreme Creations Bags of Ethics!
From the work process to the materials, finishes, colors and the details in the serigraphy ... really professionals.
We will work with them again

admin fs

supreme creations - Google customer Reviews

Excellent service and the aprons we ordered for merchandising are gorgeous! 100% recommended



  • We control the entire supply chain and produce your products in our very own award-winning ethically audited factory in Pondicherry.
  • 9 out of 10 of our workforce are women. Many of these women are the main bread-winners in their families and have become role models for the local community.
  • Our products can be reused 5,000+ times; we don't do disposable, and work towards the reduction of single-use products.
  • The inks we use are REACH compliant and do not contain toxins such as phthalates.
  • We have certified recycled, organic, Fairtrade and Vegan options of fabrics and materials.
  • For every 1,000 units ordered with us, we plant a tree in the local area near our factory to help reduce the carbon footprint during production and transportation.

Why work with us?

Eco friendly inks & dyes
R.E.A.C.H Compliant

Our factory only uses certified inks and dyes

Carbon Offset
Carbon Offset

We plant a tree for every 1,000 units we make

Worldwide Delivery
Worldwide Delivery

By air or by sea, we’ll deliver to you

Trusted Supplier
Happy Customers

Rated on Google by our varied and global client list

Always Reusable
Always Reusable

We don’t do disposable, and support single-use reduction

Female Empowerment
Female Empowerment

9/10 of our team in India is female


Our wholesale reusable bags and customised home textiles have been used to promote well known international brands as well as many smaller enterprises.

Supreme creations - Topshop
Supreme creations - Nike
Supreme creations - Innocent
Supreme creations - Tesco
Supreme creations - L'oreal paris
Supreme creations - London fashion week
Supreme creations - Google
Supreme creations - University of oxford
Supreme creations - Lovefoodhatewaste


Our Eco Friendly bags and ethical standards have been recognised by many prestigious industry bodies and international organisations.

Supreme creations - business is great britain
Supreme creations - sedex
Supreme creations - Organic (GOTS) logo
Supreme creations - The Grocer Gold Awards Finalist logo
Supreme creations - awards 2009
Supreme creations - BPMA Company of the year finalist logo
Supreme creations - fairtrade foundation
Tote bags uk

Retail Bags

Plastic carrier bags are an accessory people no longer want to be seen with due to the growing concerns over their damaging effects on our environment. An eco-friendly alternative and one that follows the sustainability trend is one of our eco-friendly, reusable, 100% natural tote bags. This gives you the opportunity to produce something that is not just thrown away when customers leave your shop/store/market stall, but is something that people will continue to use over and over again, meaning that your unique design is seen long after it leaves your store. We can customise your printed tote bag with your unique logos, designs, photos and messages, in a style that is befitting to your brands unique image. We have options for further customisation such as personalised labels or handles, opportunity to add a clear window or mesh netting panel to your bag, and the option to have your unique designs on your printed tote bags. Our tote bags serve as the perfect choice for carrying items like food/drink products, technology items, cosmetics and many more.

Grocery Bags

The average person consumes up to 200 single-use plastic carrier bags each year when they go grocery shopping. By producing a range of reusable tote bags, you are directly contributing to the reduction of plastic bags and encouraging your customers to reuse instead of buying disposable products. Plastic supermarket bags are sent to landfill as non-biodegradable waste and often end up polluting the world’s oceans. Our tote bags are made of 100% natural cotton and will eventually degrade. They also carry up to 15kg of groceries and can be reused 5,000 times – meaning that your customers can feel secure in the knowledge that their reusable tote bag won’t break, no matter how much shopping they buy.

School Bags

Take advantage of our excellent wholesale tote bag offers and kit out your whole school, college or university with a reusable cotton carrier bag. We can print anything on your printed tote bag - logos, photos, messages, anniversaries or artwork. They are the perfect shape and size for carrying all educational essentials – from laptops and textbooks to lunchboxes and pencil cases. Ordering wholesale means that you can supply your fresher’s fairs or open days with cost-effective, reusable bags that will continue to be useful for many school years to come.

Travel Bags

Our wholesale tote bags make great travel bags for any trip – from family holidays to business trips. Advertise your brand effortlessly overseas and print your designs on both sides. Small tote tote bags are perfect for carrying items such as tablets, wallets, or cosmetics and larger tote totes are ideal for using as carryon luggage and will comfortably carry your books, laptops and a change of clothes. These bags are brilliant for taking out and about once you reach your destination and can be taken to the beach, on shopping trips or picnics or carried around a new city. When they are empty, they will fold up neatly into your pocket or handbag.

The War on Plastic

2019 is the year of the war on plastic. We are ditching carrier bags, coffee cups, and plastic straws alike in favour of more sustainable alternatives. Plastic is most definitely out, whereas reusable is most definitely in – don’t be left out of this plastic-free revolution and work with us to make a reusable tote bag that is sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly and involves absolutely no plastic. This will help portray your business in a good light, whilst also helping the sustainably effort alike.

Environmental Impact

Globally, we produce over 5 trillion single-use plastic bags every single year. That means that every second, 160,000 plastic bags are made and most of these have an average lifespan of just 12 minutes until they are thrown away. When a plastic bag is discarded, it will find its way into a landfill where it will try (and fail) to degrade while emitting harmful off-gasses that contribute to global warming. This is because plastic is derived from non-renewable oil, which is a diminishing resource. Our reusable tote bags can be reused over 5,000 times and so support plastic bag reduction. Our mission is to produce our tote bags in ways that benefit the planet, instead of harming it. We offer a bag which is made of 100% natural, ethically sourced, unbleached cotton. Our natural cottons are created from fibres that are grown in a field – not made in a lab – and so they will biodegrade at the end of their life. Natural tote material also responds well to all of our eco-friendly printing and dyeing methods, so your prints will look fresh throughout the bag’s life. The inks and print paste that we use are reaching compliant.

Social Impact

Every product we produce at Supreme Creations/Bags of Ethics is made at our factory in Pondicherry, South India. By owning our factory, we can guarantee transparency in our supply chain and ensure that we benefit everybody who works to produce your tote bags. In India, our workforce is 90% female, and most of these women are the main breadwinners for their families. We value the welfare and wellbeing of all of our staff and ensure we have strict and up-to-date regulations for fair wages and working conditions. Fairtrade recognises our efforts in the factory, and our natural, tote cotton fabric is Fairtrade certified, meaning that you can ensure everybody in the supply chain of your tote shopping bag is paid fairly.

Bespoke brand matching

We love working with you on your promotional bags. Our motto is don’t be boring – this means that we don’t believe it possible to be boring with our vast range of different options for customisation, no two bags are the same. We have the ability to manufacture anything that you desire to make your tote as unique as possible - panels of contrasting fabric, customised labels and handles, zipped inner pockets and printed linings are all options to make your printed tote bag a unique piece. We own our factory which means that we have attractive minimum order quantities, but can also produce bags for large multinational events. This is an opportunity not to miss out on – print you brand’s logo or artwork on one of our natural tote toes in wholesale quantities with our many different printing techniques. We offer placement printing, full-bleed (edge-to-edge) printing or plain dyed. We can print designs in up to 7 different colours, and add stylish foil, flock or metallic layers to really bring your projects to life.

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